PESTA BONEKA is an international puppet theater festival initiated and organized by Papermoon Puppet Theatre in 2008.

Papermoon Puppet Theatre itself is an independent puppet theater group that has been taken into account, both in the country and abroad. As a pioneer of contemporary puppet theater in Indonesia, Papermoon Puppet Theatre organizes Pesta boneka as a forum for local and foreign artists to celebrate the richness of arts in puppet theater.

Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta, has a great history in the world of puppetry. This is making Indonesia an international mecca in the world of puppet theater specifically in the field of shadow theatre. Papermoon Puppet Theatre then thickened the position of Indonesian puppet theater art in the eyes of the world, one of which is with the implementation of Pesta Boneka.

Papermoon Puppet Theatre has been building the puppetry network for over 15 years, especially in the world of international puppet theaters. It has proven to be a strong capital for Pesta Boneka to have an important position as the first international contemporary puppet theater festival in the Southeast Asian region.

With the theme of "remembrance", Pesta Boneka chose to frame the works to be presented, concerning each artist's story of space and time, encounters, knowledge, and reflections that they can share with the public.

Based on the experience organizing Pesta Boneka #7 online, and seeing the opportunity to widely open access to the public and also puppet theater artists in all parts of the world, Pesta Boneka #8 will be held online and offline in Yogyakarta.